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The Holy Seljun is the head of state of the Dominion of Levant, elected by the consensus of the Majilis. The current Holy Seljun is Wazim Isbili, grand-nephew of Tariq Isbili.[1]


The Dominion of Levant was founded about three hundred years before current events[2] – i e, roughly 1000 a.D. in the Praesi calendar – by the first Grey Pilgrim and his band of five. After they had driven out the Principate of Procer they each came to rule one part of the country. The Pilgrim, being their leader, was granted the title of Seljun, and it has been held by his descendants since then. It is, however, not inherited but only granted by the consensus[3] of the Majilis – the heads of the five families[2] – and from a technical viewpoint it has always been mostly ceremonial.

Known Holy Seljuns[]

  • The original Grey Pilgrim
  • Farah Isbili, the second Holy Seljun, daughter of the original Grey Pilgrim
  • ...
  • Tariq's mother
  • Yasa Isbili, sister of Tariq, assassinated on the orders of their brother Bakri
  • Izil Isbili, son of Yasa Isbili. Assassinated by Tariq.
  • Wazim Isbili