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Sidonia is a Levantine Hero Named the Vagrant Spear. She is part of the Tenth Crusade and the Grand Alliance.


Sidonia is short, tanned and muscular and has a Name-driven taboo against wearing shoes[1]. Her facepaint is a blooming pattern of blue on top of grey[2]. Roland refers to her and three other heroines as beautiful woman[3].

In Book 4 she had a golden-wreathed staff. This was replaced with a spear more suitable for her Name from Book 6.


Sidonia is a light hearted woman from Alava with strong resolve, laughing eyes, and quick wit[4][5]. She prefers to go by her given name rather than her Name among fellow heroes in private[6]. She notably prefers walking barefoot to wearing shoes or boots[1] but it doesn't seem to slow her down at all. She strives for greatness and is excited by the prospect of facing worthy foes[7] and having her deeds counted among the Levantine Rolls[8]. She frequently thanks the Gods for giving her strong foes to fight. She is an experienced raider[9] and not opposed to using ambushes[10]

Sidonia is strictly interested in men[1] and flirts with the Mirror Knight several times[11], an attraction he returns but does not act upon[12].

She speaks Lunara fluently as well as Tolesian[13] and Chantant[14] though not quite as well. She does not speak Lower Miezan as of Battle of the Camps[15].


Book 4[]

Sidonia was part of the Tenth Crusade and the heroes at the Battle of the Camps. Here, Cat managed to kill her, but she was later Forgiven by the Grey Pilgrim.

Book 6[]

Sidonia served as part of Archer's band during the two year period between Book 5 and 6. She seemed to get along well with her band, and respects Indrani calling her the Lady[16].

During the Arsenal arch, Sidonia was present as part of Archer's band, and became part of Christophe's band in the battle against the fae.


Sidonia has enhanced speed and strength, able to bend steel with barefoot strikes and quick enough to hit Cat at the Battle of the Camps[17][18]. She is quite skilled with a staff in a fight, better with it than Cat was with a sword in the same fight[19]. Her staff was quite durable at the Battle of the Camps, able to shatter steel and not be broken though it could simply have been enchanted as her later weapons are able to be broken[20][21]. She is also able to use Light offensively, sending it into wounds she inflicts with her spear[22]


  • Pierce - Pierce appears to allow a thrusting weapon to carve through anything in the way of its strike[23][24]



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