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The Skein is a Horned Lord, a Ratling who has grown incredibly large and intelligent. It was later defeated by the Dead King and revived as a revenant in his service. It served as the guard of the palace known as the Threefold Reflections in Keter.

The Skein posses a great deal of pride in its abilities.



The Skein stands on two feet at sixty feet tall with two antlers.[1] It has dark fur and a wormlike tail. Its head is snakelike, with pale golden eyes above deep red gouges.[2]



As a Horned Lord, the Skein is naturally powerful. The Skein possesses incredible strength and speed, and its evolution from a typical ratling has given it a high intelligence. Steel does nothing against its eldritch hide.[3]

Unlike common ratlings which are driven by hunger, the Skein possesses the ability to think and reason. One inherent power it has as Named is the ability to see the future. As a Horned Lord, the Skein is able to consume things that normally should be impossible such as domains and spells.[4]

Its aspects shown are Spool and Wind.

Spool: Allows the Skein to rewind time. It is limited to short jumps backwards, with participants retaining their memory of the previous timeline.[3]

Wind: Allows the skein to manipulate space in some fashion. Was used to tamper with Catherine Foundling's creation of portals.[5]


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