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The Skinchanger is an Evil Name.

It is noted that the Skinchanger is a cannibal although whether this trait is due to the Name is unconfirmed. [1]


The Skinchanger is capable of shapeshifting. To shapeshift into a certain form, the Skinchanger has to kill and skin the person/creature for use.

The Skinchanger is capable of shapeshifting into creatures larger than herself or creatures capable of taking flight. Examples include:

  • A wolf the size of a small barn
  • An eagle-thing with armor piercing poisonous horns
  • A hawk
  • A large hound

Known Holders[]

Unnamed person: A signatory of the Truce and the Terms who participated in the War against Keter. At the time during the War against Keter, the Skinchanger was the first Named the Lycaonese had in at least half a century. [2]