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"In Keter I tried to destroy it, with Hierophant and Thief,” I said.

“And?” Tariq calmly asked.

“I landed about one good hit that whole fight, for which it vaporized half my body,” I replied. “We ran as soon as we could. It’s nasty in the elf way, and it can makes blades out spells as well. This is going to be a ride, I can tell you that much..
Catherine Foundling[1]

The Spellblade is the late son of the Forever King, and a revenant raised by the Dead King[2]


The Spell blade arrived on Calernia some time ago. When the Dead King attempted to conquer a second Hell The Wandering Bard set the elves on him, leading to the Spellblade's death.[3]

He was then raised as a Revenant and guarded the reflection of Keter in Arcadia. The Woe fought him there before fleeing.[4]

During the events of Third Liesse he was sent along with other revenants to attack the band and was slain by the Saint of Swords[2].


The Forever King: cared about him enough for his loss to be a sharp lesson.[3]

The Dead King: considered him a delightful diversion.[3]


The Spellblade is pale, thin, and angular. he looks similar to a human cut from marble with a too-large chisel. His eyes are dark and narrow, his ears long and sharp. He appears androgynous, and wears a white shirt and trousers.[4]


He is one of Calernia's finest swordsmen.[2] He was capable of fighting Laurence De Montfort on an even footing.

He is strong enough to break Laurence's arm and throw her back dozens of feet[2], and durable enough to survive being hit through two houses and a sculpture unharmed.[1]

As an elf, the Spellblade is capable of Assertion.

The Spellblade can form swords out of spells.[1] Examples include:

  • A single-edge blade of bronze formed from a ring of golden flames[4] that bursts in a flash of blindingly bright flame.[2]
  • A blade made from rust-like flecks. destroyed before fully formed [2]
  • Moonlight gathered around his fist, destroyed before fully formed[2]
  • A blade of light green scales, when broken it smokes and eats at what it touches[2]
  • A blade of some eerie pulsing red haze that regrew a severed arm[2]
  • A blade formed from silver moonlight[4]


Ban was necrotized by the dead king centuries or millennia ago. It feels like denial or absence. When take by Catherine Foundling it took the form of an iron brand with an unreadable symbol on it, and killed the Spellblade's last remaining aspect.[2]

Unnamed Aspect
This aspect is related to purification. when used there is a shiver of power preceding it. The aspect vaporized the front half of Catherine's body and destroyed the Saint of Sword's skin as if burned by an acid.[2]

Unnamed Aspect
This aspect took the form of a wheel or kaliedescope to Catherine's senses. When the aspect was killed with Ban the Spellblade's sword shattered and its effect ceased.[2]