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Spirit is a term for a wide variety of beings.

Types of Spirits[]

Sprites: Diminutive spirits common to western Callow. They can be used as a light source, and are less hard on the eyes than magelights.[1]

Souls of Fire: large spirits made from smoke and flame, they live in the Deepest Sea, the magma beneath the Kingdom Under. They can sing and control magma.[2]

Spirit Guides: Catherine meets two spirits in her name dream that resemble her.[3]

Spirits of the Dead: The spirit or soul of a dead person can be called back to their body for a time, though their memory is imperfect.[4]

Wraiths: Wraiths are spirits of the dead returned and appear as silver and shade. They are incorporeal but can interact with the world.[5]

Akua: Akua became a spirit following her death at Second Liesse. She has the ability to change her appearance, and was capable of drawing upon the powers of Catherine Foundling while bound to her.[6]

Redress and Retribution: The patron spirits of Stygia. They take the form of white cranes with golden beaks. The Sword of the Free fought one of the spirits prior to founding Bellerophon.[7]


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