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The Stained Sister is a Good Name that hails from the Principate of Procer.


The Stained Sister came into her Name after not breaking her faith in Above, even after three days of being buried up to her neck in the corpses of everyone she’d ever known. [1]

The Choir of Endurance has been noted to have taken an interest in the Stained Sister. [2]


Posseses an affinity with Light, making the Stained Sister a useful combatant against the Dead King's massive necromantic constructs. [3] The Stained Sister also posseses enhanced strength through the use of an Aspect. Her strength is strong enough to barehandedly crumple a Revenant's helmet and the head behind it.

Known Holders[]

Unnamed woman: A member of the Grand Alliance and a signatory of the Truce and the Terms, the Stained Sister is an elderly woman in her seventies [4] and wears red-stained garments. [5] She was found in the Hainut region, shattering Hakram’s shoulder and nearly blinding him during their first encounter.

As a part of the Barrow Sword's band, the Stained Sister was a part of the team that took down the Wolfhound, one of the Scourges.

The Stained Sister has a bad relationship with the Harrowed Witch, their mutual antagonism stemming from their disdain from each other's respective method of survival during the Dead King’s advance.