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"When I became the Stalwart Apostle the sorcery vanished from my veins, and the Light finally answered my prayers"

The Stalwart Apostle is a Good Name.


The Stalwart Apostle's story is that of faith in the dark rewarded. The Name is given to those are devout in their belief of Above, willing to throw away everything in the face of trouble while sticking true to Above. [1]

Coming into the Name, Pascale's sorcery vanished, and in replacement, she was able to wield Light.

Like most heroic Named, the Stalwart Apostle has a villanious mirror, the Scorched Apostate.


As the Stalwart Apostle, Pascale is capable of using Light. Using Light, Pascale was able to dissolve the plague created by the Plague-Maker, a Revenant of the Dead King.

The Name is also capable of healing injuries. However, wounds too deep aren't able to be fully mended. [2]

Known Holders[]

Pascale: Catching on to the Plague-Maker’s work, Pascale realized that she could not get rid of the plague with the magic. Placing her faith in Above, Pascale came into her Name, losing her sorcery but gaining the ability to use Light. Saved by the Grey Pilgrim while she was curing the plague, Pascale was introduced and brought into the Grand Alliance by Hanno.