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Tancred, the current Scorched Apostate, is an untrained mage who was born on the shores of The Tomb. He fled south to the town of Marserac when the Dead King invaded. He uses his magic to imitate the Light.

Tancred used his magic to detect victims of a plague created by the Dead King who were in Marserac. When the townspeople attempted to flee further south, he killed nearly everyone in the town rather than risk further infection. Then lost control of his magic and burned down most of the town.

The Beastmaster spotted the burning town and alerted Catherine Foundling. She recruited Tancred for the crusade against the Dead King under the Truce and Terms.


Tancred is 14 years old, with blue eyes and black hair. He is tall for his age. Two thirds of his face, including one of his eyes is covered in sever burns which resist healing with light. [1][2]


Tancred is an untrained mage who uses magic to imitate Light. He can detect magically created diseases and create highly concentrated bursts of light and fire, which he loses control of upon release.