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Thalassina is a port city in the Dread Empire of Praes, and one of the seven cities in the empire that are ruled by a High Lord – most recently by Idriss Kebana, whose family has held it for almost 500 years – although the Crown has also involved itself in the city's affairs to an unusually high degree.[1] It has recently been utterly destroyed in an attack from Ashur during the Tenth Crusade.[2]


Thalassina is one of the oldest cities in Praes, older than both Ater and Wolof, and before current events it was also one of the largest with approximately 300 000 inhabitants.[1] It is situated on the eastern coast, and is the empire's main sea port and its center of foreign trade. There have been no less than three attempts at creating a navy in the city, two of which were thwarted by attacks from Ashur and the third by mutiny. For the last 600 years, it has been protected by a large sorcerous array called Shatha's Maze.[1]


After the announcement of the Tenth Crusade, Ashur attempted to raid the city. Through the actions of the Warlock and the Hierophant, the fleet was destroyed. However, in the battle, the Ashurans summoned a aspect of what they believed to be the Gods Above. In the process of defeating it, the Warlock destroyed the city and killed everyone in it, including himself and his husband Tikoloshe.[2]