The Girl Who Climbed the Tower is a song. While its exact nature is unknown, it may appear in the mind of any Named who develop an interest in ruling the Dread Empire of Praes. Amadeus describes it as not being from anywhere, and saying that he heard it once when he was young but "it was not for [him]". Given the title and context, it is likely about becoming the Tyrant of Praes.

Four verses have been revealed so far. How long the full song is and whether it has a chorus are unknown, though Amadeus mentions a refrain. The first verse has been the last one to be revealed so far however since it establishes the scene, and in the absence of the step structure which usually denotes order, it's assumed to be the first verse. It could perhaps be the refrain.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

There was once a girl without a name,
There was a tower no one could claim
No one remembers why she has climbed,
Or all those she must have left behind.

The first step is hardest, they said to her.
You will have to walk through fire.
It will burn away what you once were,
And always devour whole a liar

The second is the longest, they said.
You will walk under the restless dead.
The hanged all crooning from the gallows
To join them and rest in the shadows.

They say the third step is the cruelest,
Walk when the moon is at her clearest:
Love ends with the kiss of the knife,
Trust is the wager that takes your life

The last is strangest, she said to them
The easiest and the most solemn
For when the tower is yours to claim
You will have forgotten why you came.

Possible Significance[edit | edit source]

The description of fire burning away who the girl used to be may refer to the way that both the power of Dread Empress and the actions required to take it change the ruler. The line about fire burning away what you once were could refer to the tendency to lose what you've built or think defines you, right before beginning to work to seize the tower, the line about devouring a liar may mean that Evil or at least the Name of Tyrant of Praes are hard on those who lie to themselves. The line about having forgotten why you came by the time you claim the tower could be about how the process of claiming the Name of Tyrant of Praes seems to twist people tragically against their original motivations. However, this is purely speculative until more information about the song is released.

Earlier Versions[edit | edit source]

An early draft of the song was posted to ErraticErrata's Tumblr feed. However, he removed that version and has requested that it not be described due to both changes since he posted that version and possible spoilers.

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