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"For the left hand is strife and the right hand is ruin, and only one may be clasped. The worthy take, the worthy rise; all else is dust."
―Extract from the Tenets of Night[1]

The Night is the "power" generated by belief and sacrifice to the twin goddesses Sve Noc. This power is mostly used and harnessed by the Drow of the Everdark as well as Catherine Foundling, who was granted the title of First Under the Night by Sve Noc after striking a deal with them following the taking of Winter by Sve Noc.

Night Is contained within its user. The drow take Night from others both living and dead. When taking from the dead it leaves bloody holes as it leaves them.[2]

If a Drow's corpse is left unharvested the Night will fade[3]

By killing people, even those without Night, the Drow can grow the Night.[4]

Secrets are skills and knowledge a person has that can be harvested along with Night. Secrets can be mundane skills or ways of using Night[4]

The foundational virtue of Night is to prove yourself worthy to rise.[5]

The Night is also synonymous for the religion of the Drow.

The use of Night enables the unusually long life-span of the Drow as well as their powers.

With the return of Andronike and Komena's godhead, and the achievement of becoming gods, Night is no longer restricted to only the Drow. The first non-Drow practioners capable of wielding Night are two humans, two orcs, and two goblins.

One of the goblins was capable of using of blackflame while one of the orcs had enhanced nightvision. Catherine also judged that the Night provided an extended lifespan to their wielders. [5]


Secrets are specific skills and abilities a user of the Night possesses. They can be harvested from non night users.

The Secret of Tolling Wrath: A mimicry of the ritual engines used by the sorcerers of the empire ever dark of yore. The secret is a ranged effect of destruction. Users include Rumena.[6]

The Secret of Consumption: A regenerative secret that is fueled by devouring dead flesh. Users include Mighty Lasmir.[6]

The Secret of Impalement: A secret that can impale lines of foes. Users include Mighty Draha.[6]

The Secret of Stone: A secret that shapes stone. Users include Rumena[6]

The Secrets of Ruin: A suite of secrets based on the principle of entropy. They use means unconventional to sorcery, making them effective against most magical protections.[7]

The Secret of Marching Ruin: A secret related to the progression of time. Catherine Foundling derived a miracle from this secret to kill Laurence De Montfort. Users include Mighty Prosij.[7]
The Secret of Ruinous Downfall: A curse that targets the weakest part of whatever it unmakes. The secret is difficult to maintain without stabilizers. Users include Mighty Prosij.[7]

The Secret of Great Gales: A secret for controlling wind. It is typically used for shredding warbands in tunnels. Users include Mighty Krakovich.[7]

The Secret of Many Lives: A secret that allows its user to survive death at the cost of much night. When the user dies they leave behind a body drained of blood and create a new one.[8] Users include Mighty Kodrog.

The Secret of the Shadow Road: Created from an attempt to make the Secret of Long Strides easier to learn, this secret creates a mirror of darkness leading to a tunnel of darkness that allows those who pass through it to travel a distance quickly.[9]

The Secret of the Lesser Gloom: A secret that creates a ring of darkness, trapping those within by leading them back to where they came from when they try to leave. Users include Mighty Randebog.[9]