"It was a staple of bardic Names, being able to influence the story but rarely change it with their own hands." (Villanous Interlude: Cadenza)

Power Level[edit | edit source]

A bardic name the common weakness is that they are unable to affect stories they can guide heroes. The troubadour a name that stems from the profession. This name thus is likely to spawn from the practice wandering from city to city spreading the word of the accomplishments of heroes. While this seems insignificant by effectively campaigning for a hero the Troubadour can effectively spawn heroes by inspiring normal citizens with deeds of the past, or uplift heroes who suffered a defeat. The troubadour unlike the wandering Bard is not directly involved in combat and is more suited to solo

Role[edit | edit source]

The Troubadour wanders from location to location singing of heroic deeds. They are not wealthy and always seem to hold a smile on there face. Unable to settle inf front of the crow they are always ready to tell a tale or sing a song of past triumphs. While rarely seen on the roads preferring the comfort of the inn, the troubadour will travel with a caravan or trader when the need arises.

Powers[edit | edit source]

The full range of powers that the troubadour can display has not been fleshed out but the name was considered by Black and Scribe to be effective enough to be the fulcrum behind vast shifts in power.

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