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"The army of Tenerife encamped by the banks of the Blue Ribbon, making fires, and the sight of their multitude troubled Theodosius’ captains. Daphne of Penthes, most respected among them, argued that they should seek aid from Nicae rather than give battle. ‘They are as many Procerans as there are grains of sand,’ she said. Theodosius refused. ‘Then like so much sand we will scatter them before us,’ he replied."
―Extract from ‘The Banquet of Follies, or, a Comprehensive History of the First League War’ by Prince Alexandre of Lyonis[1]


Theodosius was on of the most renowned military leaders in Calernian history. As the Tyrant of Helike he fought in the First League War, A conflict between what would later become the League of Free Cities and The Principate of Procer. He won a series victories against southern Procer until Isabella the Mad defeated him at the Maddened Fields.[2]

He fought in the Second League War as well.[3]

He had a favorite mage, who the Royal Conjuror is descended from.[4] Kojo Sahelian was one of his court mages.[5][6]

He is believed to have written the Strategoi, which includes the quote "When a skilled enemy makes an obvious mistake, it is no such thing."[7]


Isabella the Mad: His enemy and the general to finally defeat him in the First League War.

Stygia: He had a high opinion of Stygian soldiers and a poor opinion of the magisters who led them[8]


“Grand designs in war are a thing of vanity. Victory goes to the general that blunders the least.”

– Theodosius the Unconquered, Tyrant of Helike, Tyrant of Helike[9]


“Swiftness is the lifeblood of war. No army can win a battle if it isn’t standing on the battlefield.” - Theodosius the Unconquered, Tyrant of Helike[10]


“The Heavens have a way of favouring the general with the better army.”

- Theodosius the Unconquered, Tyrant of Helike[11]


“Casualties are a consequence of properly employed tactics, not the intent. To merely bludgeon away is to reduce the conduct of war to arithmetic.”

- Theodosius the Unconquered, Tyrant of Helike[12]


“In trying to beat a fool at her own game, I have only made another.”

- Theodosius the Unconquered, after the Maddened Fields (apocryphal)[13]


“A hundred battles, even victories, will always lose you the war.”

- Theodosius the Unconquered, Tyrant of Helike[14]


“Surprise is not a fixed quality. Yesterday’s coup is tomorrow’s blunder.”

- Theodosius the Unconquered, Tyrant of Helike[15]