Background[edit | edit source]

A devil fueled by the Sin of Lust, Tikoloshe is a being which survives on the mortal plane by harvesting energy from the lust of others. He was then imprisoned by Wekesa, at the time the Apprentice, in order to discover how to open a portal to one of the Hells. Although he was to be executed after he gave up his secret,s Wekesa advocated for keeping him alive since he was a curious creature. After an interrogation the two became lovers, later adopting a son together after Wekesa had become the Warlock. 

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Although Tikoloshe holds the appearance of a man with close cropped hair, and smooth, dark skin, it is revealed that a devil of Lust (alternatively called a succubus or incubus based on their current gender) will appear as the most attractive form to their summoner.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Due to his demonic nature he is defined by absolutes, in his case, Lust. He appears to be intelligent and enjoys conversation and by Catherine's account he dotes on his son Masego, causing the later to be spoiled. It is later revealed that Tikoloshe only appears intelligent due to Wekesa constructing his bindings in such a complex way as to closely imitate free will, despite the fact that devils are fundamentally incapable of free will. 

Powers[edit | edit source]

He does not need food or water but Tikoloshe enjoys different taste, especially wine and lemonade. Due to his absolute he is also able to discern the wants of others. For instance, he can understand how much carnage that Amadeus is willing to wreak in order to get his way, and comprehends that Malicia's driving desire is a craving for control. 

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