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The Titanomachy is a Calernian polity aligned with Good. It lies in the south-west of the continent and its population consists mainly of Gigantes.


Much like the elves of the Golden Bloom, the Gigantes like to keep apart from the larger conflicts taking place in Calernia, though this might be due to their animosity with their human neighbors. Apart from the Dominion of Levant, with which it shares blood ties, both the Thalassocracy of Ashur‏‎ and the Principate of Procer have been in conflict with the nation before.[1][2]

Its war with Procer, known as the Humbling of Titans, is still considered a betrayal and is a major reason for why they resent said polity. It occurred several centuries before the current events with little to no justifications from the side of the aggressors.[3] The war ended in what was a horribly costly draw, even though the Principate declared it a political victory.[4] Procerans are still killed on sight south of their borders.[5] Their hatred runs so deep they've even enslaved thousands of Arlesites to build the Red Snake Wall.[6]

To our knowledge, they have fought against the Dread Empire at least a couple of times. Once, during either the Third Crusade or the Fourth Crusade, when a band of them have been killed by Dread Emperor Terribilis II.[7] The second time would be during Dread Empress Triumphant's conquest of Calernia. Her battle against Gigantes' spellslingers created a large lake known as the Titan's Pond.[2] For their defiance, she cursed and bound the Sky Breaker and his wife to live forever on the summit of Cloudreach Peak, one made eternally hungry, the other constantly healing.[8]


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Masego speculated that they are the oldest species on Calernia to develop a comprehensive method to use the Gift and practice sorcery.[9] They use the Ligurian theory, a powerful form of sorcery focused on major workings and enchantments. Notably, they've created and enchanted the Red Snake Wall to protect Levant from further Proceran aggression, considered one of the most impressive enchantments on the continent.[10]

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