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"You who name yourselves Titans desecrate what the word once meant. You make yourselves petty tyrants over children and break bones for hollow works, greedy as the wyrms we overthrew. Are you not ashamed at what we are become?"

The Titans were a group of gods that fought a war against the Drakoi. There were 15 prominent among them.[2]

They are the progenitors of the Gigantes.[3]


After the War against the Drakoi a council of 8 Titans met to decide the fate of the other races. Seven decided to enslave them, while Antigone refused and left for the west to found cities of her own.[4]

Later, the Titan attempted to shift the pattern. Their failure led to mass destruction and the deaths of all the Titans but Kreios.[5]

Notable Titans[]

Antigone, Strides-Ever-Unyielding: The founder of 18 cities and the Amphore for the Chorus of the Gentle Hand. She alone of the titans did not become a tyrant.[6] She was tall and beautiful with long hair and a kind smile. [2]

Kreios, Maker-of-Riddles: The adoptive father of Antigone and the last remaining Titan.

Okeanos: Had a wild temper. Could control the sea.[2] They bound a drakon and dragged it into the depths.[7]

Hyperion and Theia: Titans that died during the Long War.[8] Their corpses were taken by the Dead King[9]. They were used to contain the Drakon. One used spells of burning sunlight and star-like constructs, the other controlled stone.[10][11]


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