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""The Tolltaker they called her now, for there was no sin under Callowan sky she did not get a cut from""
https://practicalguidetoevil.wordpress.com/2018/02/16/chapter-65-elision/The Tolltaker was an alternate version of Catherine Foundling created by the Fourfold Crossing.


The version of Catherine that became the Tolltaker split from the original timeline when she lost a pit fight where she had bet against herself, after which she lost her job at the Rat's Nest. She encountered the rapist guard which the real timeline version of Catherine killed, but never met the Black Knight and the fight she started with the rapist ended with the victim dead and her in jail awaiting execution. She was given an offer of freedom and a new life by the Smugglers' Guild, which she accepted.

She eventually took control of of all of the organized crime in Callow by climbing the ranks within the Smugglers' Guild and then killing the leaders of the Thieves' and Assassins' Guilds. During this same period, she grew increasingly disillusioned with her own people since she interacted with horrible criminals that reminded her that not every problem came from Praes.

Whether Tolltaker was a Name or simply a nickname, she wielded considerable power within the version of Callow in her timeline. However, she still ended up beholden to the Tower when Eudokia found her and began delivering quotas and orders in exchange for unofficial Imperial sanction. At some point afterwards, she encountered William of Greenbury and his band of Heroes, who were looking for entry into the city. She promised them entry and then sold them out to the Empire, using the money to buy a mansion in Laure and then put it to the torch.

When Akua and the Truebloods rebelled against the Tower the Tolltaker took advantage of the chaos to pursue vendettas against everyone she felt had wronged her or her country, including the Imperial Governors and the nobles of Callow. She furthered the rebellion by providing arms, and by killing the Assassin when he came for her.


When Dread Empress Magnificent came to Laure she called for the Tolltaker to meet with her and tried to force her to kneel. The Tolltaker, along with the other three versions of Catherine created by the Fourfold Crossing killed Dread Empress Magnificent simultaneously, causing the Crossing to collapse and the real version of Catherine to return.