In Callow the symbol that bound us was the ancient bells of Laure, to the extent that even the Fairfax kings and queens had used them in their heraldry. Here in Praes, though, it was the Tower. I stood before the beating heart of the Dread Empire and felt like an ant.
-Catherine Foundling; Chapter 20: Rise

Background Edit

The Tower of Ater is the seat of government for the Praesi nation. It is where Court is usually held for attending nobles and villains. Constructed on the orders of the first Dread Empress of Praes, Dread Empress Maleficent, it has been a symbol of Praesi villainy for centuries. It has been destroyed twice, once by Dread Empress Triumphant in her last act, and again by a Proceran army in the Second Crusade.

Appearance Edit

The Tower is an extremely tall spire constructed of dark stone. Reaching over two hundred stories, the tower is surrounded by constant storm clouds at higher levels. The main entrance to the tower is manned by a demon bound to the doorway, and is reached by climbing on stairs carved into sculptures of weeping victims. Multiple other entrances exist, for lesser nobles and servants.

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