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Tower Raising is a game invented by Hakram of the Howling Wolves in his youth, then refined in his years at the War College.

It is played with three players, 34 tokens called stones and three opaque bags.


  • Put 10 stones on the table.
  • Put 6, 8 and 10 stones in three bags.
  • Distribute the bags such that no player knows how many stones are in the bag they do not have.

Select a player to go first.

Each player takes a turn where they have three possible actions:

  • Take a turn from another player if the third player agrees.
  • Take a stone from the pile on the table, called Callow.
  • Destroy a stone.

After all three players have had an action, a turn is complete and counted.

Goal: One of the players must acquire 20 stones.

After twenty turns, all three players lose if no player has earned 20 stones.