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Trismegistan sorcery is based on the teachings of the Dead King. It is noted to be very flexible, but also very exacting, with multiple years of study required to become competent. Is mainly used in Praes and the Kingdom of the Dead. Notable users include Wekesa, Masego, Roland, and Neshamah.


Trismegistan Sorcery requires much greater precision than other sorceries; because of this, the results are usually superior, but have a margin of error a tenth the size of other sorceries. Trismegistan Sorcery puts greater emphasis on precise manipulation of magical energies than the use of mediums like incantations and runes, though they are still used as crutches to visualize and measure.[1]

Unlike most schools of sorcery, Trismegistan magic has at least mostly observable underlying principles.[2]

Trismegistan principles can be used for other power sources, such as Night.[3]