A historic name in the city state of Helike, each holder launched great deals of turmoil.

Power Level [edit | edit source]

High. The power of the names is high while it does not physically augment the user it does guarantee near absolute control over the armies under his control. Kairos was able to confront a full band of heroes himself, without an army to support him and still held his own so it can be assumed that the name is extremely powerful.

Role [edit | edit source]

A truly villainous role that delights in the use of mass destruction. The role is meant for the leaders of Helike is and is infamous for starting large campaigns pushing the borders of Helike even furthers. Subsequently the leader eventually falls and Helike sinks back.

Special Powers [edit | edit source]

The power of the name allow him to inspire large forces, the military follows the Tyrants commands without question. His power allows him to command even ethereal forces commanding the shades of his dead troops to do his bidding.

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