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A historic Name in the city state of Helike.

Role []

The Name is meant for the leaders of Helike. Every time a Theodosian came to rule, sometimes it led to a good king, a powerful king, and Helike thrived. Sometimes it led to a bad king, a weak king, and Helike was buried by its rivals. But sometimes, oh so rarely, the whole of Calernia shivered as it whispered the word 'tyrant'. [1]


The power of the Name allows him to inspire large forces, the military follows the Tyrants commands without question. His power allows him to command even ethereal forces commanding the shades of his dead troops to do his bidding.

Known Holders[]

Kairos Theodosian: Before Kairos, the previous ruler of the City of Helike was mostly a figurehead, who allowed the nobles and the army to run the city. When the nobility realized that Dorian would be a more active ruler, they offered Kairos the chance to become ruler, expecting him to fall into line like the previous ruler had. This plan was largely successful, leading to Dorian being forced out (and taking to role of Exiled Prince in the process) and Kairos being made ruler. However, once he had taken power, Kairos began to throw his weight around.

As the Tyrant of Helike, Karios had three Aspects: Rule, Wish and Rend.

Theodosius the Unconquered: The life and deeds of Theodosius the Unconquered were a favourite of young boys and girls with dreams of military glory even in cities where no Helikean had visited. A man with legendary military victories to his name.During the First League War, Theodosius slapped around southern Procer and when he faced Isabella the Mad, he decided to force a decisive outcome to the war despite fighting a battle that couldn’t be won against nearly five times his number. In the end, Theodosius’ army retreated in good order with more than a hundred thousand corpses on the field.

Quotes from Theodosius the Unconquered

  • Casualties are a consequence of properly employed tactics, not the intent. To merely bludgeon away is to reduce the conduct of war to arithmetic. [2]
  • When a skilled enemy makes an obvious mistake, it is no such thing. - From the Strategoi [3]
  • In trying to beat a fool at her own game, I have only made another. [4]
  • Swiftness is the lifeblood of war. No army can win a battle if it isn’t standing on the battlefield. [5]
  • Grand designs in war are a thing of vanity. Victory goes to the general that blunders the least. [6]
  • A hundred battles, even victories, will always lose you the war. [7]
  • The Heavens have a way of favouring the general with the better army. [8]

Periander Theodosian: Periander Theodosian was the Tyrant of Helike after the founding of the League of Free Cities.

Quotes from Periander Theodosian

  • Seven battles I won on my feet, and lost the war sitting at a table. [9]

Argea Theodosian: Also known as the Sacker of Cities.

Quotes from Argea Theodosian

  • Greatness is a chariot pulled by ghosts: it goes nowhere without deaths, but too many will tear it apart. [10]
  • An enemy will remember you long after your dearest friends forget your face. Consider this, when you choose yours. [11]