Tyrant of Praes is the Name granted to whoever officially leads the Dread Empire of Praes. It is sometimes referred to as just Tyrant or as Dread Emperor or Dread Empress depending on the gender of its current holder. It is not to be confused with the Tyrant of Helike, which fills a similar Role for the City of Helike but with the distinction that it is only active when Evil reigns in the city, which is part of the time.

Power Level Edit

The overall power level of the Name is unknown, although it is presumably less powerful in combat than those of the five Calamities. The power of the name lies in its subtle control of others. Malicia reveals that her name allows her to command others without actually using her voice. This allows the user to control without threatening other openly.

Role Edit

The Role of a Dread Emperor or Empress to to lead the people of Praes. The Name is never held by anyone who is not generally accepted as being the most powerful political figure in the Empire. The Name is rarely held for long by anyone who is not also deviously clever. It is generally claimed following the death of the previous leader, frequently by someone involved in their death.

History Edit

The Dread Empire has a long and storied history, including many wars with Callow led by various Emperors and Empresses. It has been noted that about nine in ten leaders are comical and harmless villains whose plans frequently backfire spectacularly without even needing much heroic intervention, but that the last one in ten are terrifyingly competent enough to make up for the lost time. These sorts have included Terribilis, Triumphant, Sorcerous and Malicia.

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