Power Level Edit

The Vagrant Spear by nature is more accustomed to close ranged fights. The Named uses a spear weapon but any pole arm could probably be wielded with equal proficiency. As commented by Catherine the name was able to bend armor with physical strikes, extremely fast, and unpredictable. While not extremely powerful little has been revealed about the hero and the Vagrant Spear similar to the Mirror Knight hero have a long road of growth ahead of them.

Role Edit

As the the name implies the Named is can only be awarded to individuals who wield spears. The Vagrant aspect of the name is seen by the ragged clothing of the wielder and the propensity to go barefoot even in the heat of battle. The name appears to adhere to the old ways of Levant praising the gods for offering worthy opponents and a chance of glory.

Special Abilities Edit

The Vagrant Spears abilities revolve around the use of the weapon similar to the Blade of Mercy. While the name can use light to increase effectiveness of strikes healing can also be used similar to other heroes.

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