The Valiant Champion is a martial name.

Power Level

Mid tier. Despite being able to hold her own against the Captain she was only able to with the assistance of the Ashen Priestess healing her literally from the brink of death multiple times. Her name is still powerful able to hold the gates by herself turning the tide of battle.


Geared towards battle the champion is always rearing to fight, the role also causes the user to take trophies from fallen foes. The Champion cuts off the tips of swords and makes them into rings she wears around her neck.

Special Abilities

The Champion's role offers increased physical characteristics. This name allowed the user to take on many opponents at once as well as fighting off the captain. It seems this is a name geared to fighting opponents who also use martial names. It seems that the name somewhat relies on attention thus it is better when paired with multiple allies as it empowers those around it and feeds off of the attention from others. It also seems that champions are able to craft their own dimensions.

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