The Wandering Bard is a name that while not combative is extremely powerful for its knowledge of stories

Power Level Edit

The bard's power lies in its knowledge of stories. The named can manipulate a figure of power by the knowledge of what role the individual is playing. Just a few words from the bard can set a hero on a suicidal mission or set enemies against one another. Still as shown when Amadeus launched three successive deadly attacks against the bard she is susceptible to story plots herself, three being an important number in conflicts. When attacked the bard teleports to another location making it nigh impossible to kill the named. The Bard invincibility to death as well as her ability to speak make her a truly powerful enemy but she can still be countered by: Shutting her mouth using named power(Squire), continually lethal attacks causing her to retreat(Amadeus), or not having a desire for her to manipulate(Anaxares), the final way is to be a better weaver of stories(Theodosian).

Role Edit

The Bard's role is not to fight but to advise and direct the story. The name is usually apart of a band of heroes not integral to the parties survival but the name helps the group to achieve its major task. The role is not concerned with good that affects individuals on a small scale but mainly guides the party to achieve over arching objectives that wll hinder evil or cuase drastic shifts in alignment for the populace. This allows her to do "bad" things which do not affect her since the named is concerned with the overall outcome.

The name has existed for as long as stories were told and thus has proven to pre-date the fae's arrival. When the Bard was murdered it appeared that she was transported to another local musician thus the name will not die as long as there is a storyteller. the name itself seems to have taken on a consciousness of its own never truly disappearing.

Power Edit

The bard's power lies in the user's knowledge of stories allowing it to pit foes against one another as well as utilize heroes as pawns to enact strategies that thematically allow them victory. These can be stories such as the warrior(Rafaella) fighting a beast (Sabah) to avenge a maiden(Ashen Priestess). If anyone hero or villain allows the bard to drawn them into the conversation it will allow her to manipulate them. This is displayed when Catherine has witty banter with the bard in the middle of a fight only to realize her friends are dying she quickly 'ends' the conversation.