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"Today we set aside Good and Evil. There is one sin, defeat. There is only one grace, victory. Everything else is meaningless."

The War College is the only officer's school in the Empire, meaning that every officer wanting to make a career in the Legions of Terror is expected to have graduated.


Within a week of joining, students are assigned to a company of a hundred other cadets that will serve as their mother unit for the rest of their time at the College. Given that there are around a thousand cadets in attendance, the student body is divided into ten companies. Each company has a name and a standard, typically an animal from the Wasteland, except for the company at the head of the monthly rankings, which is called First Company. The companies gain points based on how well they do in weekly war games.

War Games[]

The companies rise and fall in the rankings based on how well they do in weekly war games. The most common scenario is an attack and defense mission where each company is given a flag and told to try and capture the other team's flag and take it back to their capture zone. Such a battle is worth 2 points for the winner, or 1 point for the defender if they hold out long enough to force a draw.

Company Organization[]

Each company is broken down into five lines of 20 troops, divided into 2 tenths of 10 troops each. Each line has a lieutenant a sergeant, with the sergeant normally supporting the lieutenant or leading the second tenth if the line splits. The whole company is led by a captain.

There are a wide variety of types of troop, each specializing in a different aspect of combat. Depending on the tactical style of a captain, they may use a variety of different troop compositions.

  • Regulars are moderately armored, and are intended to offer a good mix of speed and power. They are generally orcs or humans.
  • Heavies are more heavily armored than regulars, and are meant to provide the greatest front line strength on the battlefield at the cost of reduced mobility. The tend to be the limiting factor in terms of mobility. They are typically orcs or humans, though Captain Morok was able to get a tenth of ogres.
  • Scouts are lighter armored that regulars and are typically trained in stealth and survival as well as combat. They are both effective recon troops and highly mobile strike forces.
  • Sappers are engineers and explosives specialists. They are trained to build fortifications, siege weapons and other useful things, and tend to be the most effective in the use of goblin munitions. They are frequently goblins.
  • Mages are trained to some degree in combat as well as magic. They are typically armored like regulars, and are trained to use basic healing magic and fireballs. Any mage who cannot learn these two basic spells is forced to drop out of mage training and generally become a regular or scout. Some mages are also taught more advanced magic like scrying. They are absolutely vital because they can provide magical firepower and can also bring wounded troops back to combat readiness.