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"The Dread Empire always wounds itself, left to its own devices,” Tikoloshe said. “This scrap is but a pittance compared to the War of Thirteen Tyrants and One."
―Extra Chapter: Red Skies[1]

The War of Thirteen Tyrants and One was one of the most brutal Praesi civil wars, occurring at some point between the reign of Dread Empress Sinistra I and Triumphant (120 - 493 AD).[1][2]


The war was triggered when Dread Emperor Vile I tried to solve the Empire’s issue of overpopulation by unleashing a magical plague that would kill two in ten.[3] It was fought between fourteen Claimants in total, of which we know three:


  • Tikoloshe saw the events of the war in person[1]
  • Malicia wrote a history on the civil war when she was still an Imperial Concubine[7]