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Warlock is a name given to the mage with the greatest magical potential.

Power Level[]

High. The Warlock is not a direct combat class and thus is not afforded any physical augmentation but it does bolster the users already large magical capacity. The Named is able to cast many magical spells without need of rest as a normal mage would need. This allows them to tamper with creation as well as call upon dark denizens of evil.


The role is filled by the individual who has the greatest magical capacity. Unlike how Squire precedes Black Knight, Apprentice does not entitle the Named to the Warlock position. This is shown by Heiress' father being offered the position and turning it down in favour of staying out of the limelight.

Special Abilities[]

While most of the abilities of Warlock remain unknown since his full combat capabilities have only been hinted at, Heiress states that Warlocks are meant to make "miracles". It can be assumed that Warlocks can challenge the laws of creation. Warlocks are able to make deals with demonic entities, bind devils, able to place curses on individuals.

Wekesa showed three aspects using his time as Warlock:

  • Link: Is a self admitted abstract aspect it allows Wekesa to tether two entities together that by creation's laws should have none. This aspect was used in order to Link an array that the Hedge Wizard was using to a tower. By destroying the tower, he also destroyed an arm and a large portion of the Wizard's body
  • Imbricate: Warlocks most destructive aspect. Allows Warlock to overlap another plane of existence with creation. He commonly uses this aspect to overlap one of the hells he is able to delve into deeper levels depending on the amount of power he puts into the aspect. It is unknown if he is limited to delving into hell itself due to his evil nature, or if he can also submerge creation into other realms such as Arcadia.
  • Reflect: Warlocks self admitted most beautiful aspect allows him to lie to creation by literally creating his own hell instead of having to dig for one. This allows him to both affect the weather.