Warlord was a Name associated with the orc tribes of the Steppes. Unlike many Praesi and Callowan Names, the same word is used regardless of gender. This is a result of the structure of Kharsum, where a noun is followed by a suffix to indicate gender.

Power Level Edit

High. Warlords were the most powerful and dangerous of the orcs in their old hayday, a time when they were feared even by the elves. How much of their power was in personal might and how much was in tactical genius in unknown, but between the two they were incredibly powerful.

Role Edit

The Role of the Warlord was to lead the Clans into battle. Warlords would sweep down from the Steppes to plunder the Soninke and Taghreb kingdoms before returning with treasure and slaves.

Disappearance Edit

The Name of Warlord, along with all other orcish Names, vanished during the Miezan occupation. Amadeus has speculated that if the Tower had lost control of the orcs their old Names might have had a resurgence, but Dread Empress Maleficent just barely managed to keep them in the fold. The first orc Named to appear since then was Hakram, with a new Name: Adjutant.

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