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The Watch is a military force of Deoraithe longbowmen from the Dutchy of Daoine.


The Watch protect the Deoraithe from invasion and orcish raids. They were formed to one day reclaim their homeland, the Golden Bloom, from the elves.[1] They have existed in one form or another for over a millennium.[2]


The Watch number five thousand.[3][4] The numbers are limited due to the nature of their powers, as well as the ridiculous expense of training and arming them.[5]

The Watch use ritual oaths to become more powerful by making a connection with their gestalt and tapping into set patterns. Members of the Watch with less than five oaths are not typically sent out of Daione.[2]


The Watch are expert longbowmen.

The Watch gain their supernatural abilities from their connection with a gestalt god made from the souls of every Deoraithe that has died since leaving the Golden Bloom.[6]

Members of the watch gain strength and speed, as well as night vision, accelerated reflexes, superior endurance and an extended lifespan.[2]

They are capable of climbing walls in moments by ramming stakes into the surface by hand.[7] They also carry rope and hooks for climbing.[5]


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