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"I want to dissect the world, Tikoloshe. To open up Creation and see where the Gods traced their boundaries in blood and power."


A Soninke who became an apprentice to the then Warlock, when the former Warlock found out how much magic the young mage held. He made a pact with a demon to sacrifice the boy in return for acquiring a portion of the mage's power.[2]


Warlock, while indifferent to the suffering of others, even his own companions, he seems to find great enjoyment in solving problems and discovering all the secrets that creation holds.


Masego: His one and only son, possibly his only weakness. Although he is spoiled, he is one of the few mages that the Warlock can discuss the intricacies of mage craft with. It can be presumed that in much the same way that Amadeus took Catherine under his wing, he did the same with Masego.

Tikoloshe: They have held a relationship for over 60 years raising a son together. It appears their attraction is mainly defined by their curiosity in one another. The intrigue seems to not have waned as they still remain together. Although an Incubus who is attracted to all, Tikoloshe shows a special appreciation for Warlock, as he piqued his curiosity. A feat that has not been accomplished since the first Empress.

Calamities: While he does not entirely trust his companions because he understands that each is a villain and therefore it is a possibility that each can possibly betray him. He still holds them as close friends, these allies are possibly the closest he can come to trusting anyone. Amadeus his most trusted and dear friend, anyone who threatens him will not be able to rest in this world or the next as the Warlock will torture them eternally.

Catherine Foundling: While he gives her a modicum of notice since she is the ward of his most respected and loved friend, he still threatens her if she endangers the life of Amadeus (deciding it is already implied the repercussions, if his son is harmed).

Malicia: He does not entirely trust her and does not care to support her, mainly choosing to stay by her side due to Amadeus' influence.


Warlock is dark skinned, tall and has an athletic build. His hair was cut short with streaks of silver, as well as a close-cropped salt and pepper beard. He dressed in burgundy robes, trimmed with gold, tightened at the waist by a belt of soft leather.[3]

Name History[]

The Warlock gained the role of Apprentice while studying under the then Warlock. He later fled his master and joined with the revolutionaries. Eventually he returned for revenge against his former master. He exhausted all his magic before the battle began in order to launch open up a portal causing hell ire to drop down on his master.[2]


A well known mage who has redefined the world of magic focusing more on the use of wards, then the use of magic casting, a style he compares using a hammer, simple. He believes that the use of wards are the purest form of sorcery.[4] He uses magic in more defensive and restrictive manners. He becomes more dangerous the longer he is given time to prepare when he chooses to fight he has usually won the battle before it has begun.

This doesn't mean that he is unable to offensive magic as the bumbling conjurer can attest to his use of explosive magic to burst his skull. His main tactic in mage battles is to use his opponents strength against them. To manage this he must first understand the opponents' sorcery, thus against unfamiliar sorcery such as the Witch of the Woods use of primordial magic, he is limited by his tactics. His wide breadth of knowledge can makes him an almost unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Wekesa aspects were all useful for the manipulation of spells as well as creation as a whole.

  • Link: Is a self admitted abstract aspect it allows Wekesa to tether to entities together that by creation's laws should have none. This aspect was used in order to Link an array that the Hedge Witch was using to a tower. By destroying the tower, he also destroyed an arm and a large portion of the Witch's body.
  • Imbricate: Warlocks most destructive aspect. Allows Warlock to overlap another plane of existence with creation. He commonly uses this aspect to overlap one of the hells he is able to delve into deeper levels depending on the amount of power he puts into the aspect. It is unknown if he is limited to delving into hell itself due to his evil nature, or if he can also submerge creation into other realms such as Arcadia.
  • Reflect: Warlocks self admitted most beautiful aspect allows him to lie to creation by literally creating his own hell instead of having to dig for one. This allows him to both affect the weather.[5][6]


  • Wekesa, the name, means "Born during the harvest" or "Born during the time the crops are gathered" in the Luhya language in Kenya.


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