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The White Knight name is given to heroes who wish to stand for justice and defend the people. The current holder, Hanno of Arwad, is a former Ashuran.

Power Level[]

High. The White Knight is a physical name that augments the user's physical abilities, providing enhanced durability as well as speed. Hanno was able to compete with the the current Black Knight, a member of the Calamities, so it can be assumed that the Name is extremely powerful.


The White Knight's role is to stand for Justice. He is unable to commit any acts of evil, or to perceive any act he does as unjust lest he be judged by the same power that was bestowed upon him.

The lives of most White Knights have centered on fighting Villains, although there has been a tendency among those born to Callow to instead specialize in fighting beasts and monsters, leaving the traditional rivalry with the Praesi Black Knights to the Shining Princes or Princesses.[1]

Special Abilities[]

The White Knight, like many other heroes, mainly relies on inspiring others to his cause. He can cause regular soldiers to fight with the ferocity of ten men. He is also dangerous on his own, employing light that heals him but burns whatever else it touches. For additional offensive abilities he is capable of using a deeper version of Name dreams that grant him he memory and proficiency of not only others that shared his Name but many other names.

As he is supported by the Choir of Judgment, Hanno make no choices on who is evil or should be punished, Instead relying on a silver dollar that when he flips, lands on the whims of the Choir of Judgment which shows if the person Hanno faces is Good or Evil.