Background[edit | edit source]

Before he was the Lone Swordsman he was William of Greenbury he was a son wishing to inherit his family's shop when he heard that his sister and her newly betroth husband were going to join in rebellion against the empire. Knowing the implications if they were caught he and his family would lose their lives as well as property, he decided to murder them. He was caught by legionaries after he had stabbed his sister in the back and had chopped her corpse to pieces, he was not only not punished but praised for his loyalty to the empire. After this he was driven mad and ran into the forest.

Personality[edit | edit source]

William is a deeply conflicted individual he seeks atonement for past crimes but as Catherine predicted or cursed upon him he finds himself committing even more devious crimes to create the justice. Even when serving with other heroes he is more irritated then delighted by his companions. He relishes in violence and sometimes does not believe in his own morality simply that he believes a greater evil looms on the villains side and he must stop them.

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Name History[edit | edit source]

William inherited the name of Lone Swordsman after fighting monsters in the forest and going

Powers[edit | edit source]

Thus far Williams main power was his reliance on the magical Penitent's Blade a sword that was able to break through any weapon it faced. He also had the increased physical abilities that cam with a name. Despite this it was his ability to detect whether an individual was lying as well as his ability to inspire other's to his cause that made him dangerous. He was able to cause slaves to defect against their masters, cause rebellion in any town he inhabited, as well as reach out to other heroes to join his cause. He had three aspects that he developed as the story followed his growth was comparable to the squires ow growth. He learned all three of his aspects: Swing, Rise, and Triumph.

Swing: This aspect allowed him to no matter how weak he slashed at his opponent the swing would have a devastating effect augmenting the power of whatever sword he used.

Rise: Allowed the named to stand no matter what damage was inflicted on them, healing all wounds miraculously.

Triumph: This ensures his victory no matter what the opposition allowing him to land killing blows on opponents he has defeated in duels.

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