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"Contrition is not forgiveness, Bard. Can never be forgiveness. It’s not in their nature. They already told me where I’m going after I die, and it’s not the nice place. So I’ll get my hands dirty for the rest of you, because that’s what I’m meant for now."
―William of Greenbury[1]

William of Greenbury is the first Heroic antagonist of the series, holding the name of Lone Swordsman.


William of Greenbury was born and raised in Greenbury, a village in the Liesse governorship. His parents were cobblers, with his father having previously been a knight under King Robert. William picked up swordsmanship from his father and began practicing from a young age.

William's sister, along with her husband, was part of a resistance group that planned to overthrow the Legions of Terror. After confronting his sister and failing to change her mind, William murdered her to prevent her inevitable arrest from causing the loss of his family's property and lives. This event had a severe effect upon William, causing him to flee to the wilds and see an Angel of Contrition, resulting in the bestowal of his Name.


William is described by Catherine as young and darkly handsome with messy hair and green eyes. His appearance is said to be typical for a Hero.

In his first appearance he wears a long brown leather coat.

Before the battle of Marchford, he wears a white-gilded armor while addressing the masses. He returns to wearing the leather coat over mail during the battle.



William is a deeply conflicted individual. He seeks atonement for past crimes but as Catherine predicted, he finds himself committing even more devious crimes in pursuit of justice. Even when serving with other heroes he is more irritated then delighted by his companions.

He hates greenskins and sees them as inherently evil and lesser.

Name History[]

The Name of Lone Swordsman was bestowed on William by an Angel of Contrition while he was living in the wilds after murdering his sister.


Prior to receiving a Name, William was a skilled swordsman, and the unnatural swiftness and strength afforded by a Name amplified the pre-existing skill.

William also wielded the Penitent's Blade, an angelic sword, that further increased his melee combat prowess.

William is shown to have realized all three of his aspects(Swing, Rise and Triumph) before the Battle of Marchford, but only Swing and Rise are explained.

  • Rise: Allowed William to take fatal damage and survive, with the aspect healing the damage near instantly.
  • Triumph
  • Swing: This aspect increased the strength and swiftness of William's sword strikes, to the point where even Catherine is not able to match his blows.