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A heroic named who fought in the red flower Vales during the Tenth Crusade and in the War on Keter.


The name is interwoven with nature. The figure wears rags as well as sandals no matter the environment or situation. The pre-requisite for the name is being raised outside of human interference. Antigone achieved this by being raised by Kreios and a giant she-wolf.[1][2] This power does not come without a price. It seems the giants scar the face of the named who bears their teachings, the witch wears a mask as a result.


The Witch is able to erect rooms of silence. She is also able to speak a language that although ancient can be understood by all who listen.[3] By spilling blood along the soil the Named is able to call forth natural disasters.

The Named was capable of matching him during their duel [4]. She is also considered on par with Masego and the Tumult.[5]

As the Witch of the Woods, Antigone had three aspects: Gather, Cradle, and Sing.

Known Holders[]

Antigone: Antigone was raised by the titan Kreios, who named her after a different long dead titan. She was later taught by the Gigantes in general, where she meet first Hanno as he also studied under them.

She sacrificed herself to defeat a Drakon.


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