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"A hero should not confuse striking at Evil and doing Good, lest their Good become the act of striking"
―Theodore Langman, Wizard of the West


The Wizard of the West is a Good Name.


The Name is viewed as a good equivalent to the Warlock of Praes. The Wizard of the West is regarded as a powerful mage. The Name's magic has been compared to the fae, and Wekeska has noted that the Wizard of the West wielded ten times the power of the Hedge Wizard. However, this amount of power has its own drawbacks, as Wekeska noted that the Wizard of the West had been brittle, breakable when outplayed. [1]

The Wizard of the West had been capable enough to break Dread Emperor Nefarious.

Known Holders[]

Theodore Langman: Old by the time the Calamities started their Conquest, Theodore fled with his power broken. [2]

Wessen: An ancient Wizard of the West. Inventor of Wessen’s Fork, a bolt of lightning sorcery that is capable of spliting into two streaks of lightning while still homed in the original target. [3]