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Wolof is a city of the Dread Empire of Praes. It is home to one of the High Seats of Praes, making the current ruler of the city a High Lord or High Lady. Since the Declaration, it has been held by the Sahelian family. From books 1-3, Tasia Sahelian was the High Lady. After she defaulted on her debts, her nephew Sargon Sahelian initiated a successful coup to replace her. The civil war saw Tasia release a Demon in the city.

A millennial city[]

While the city is not the oldest in Praes, it has some of the oldest records in the Empire, rivaling Ater and the Tower's library. These works are both historical and of a magical nature.

It is the birthplace of ritual magic in Praes[1] and has the best repository of knowledge of magic and history save for the Tower's.

Pyramids of baked mud can be found around the city; described "broad and gently sloped"; they were used as ritual sites[2].

The city is a center of magical research and learning, obtaining that position by offering refuge to any mage that could reach its gates.[3]

Wolof was never taken over by the crusader kingdoms[4], having "badly broken the army that tried to take it"


  • The brand of Wolof is red and black, with a golden lion.[5]
  • The population was estimated to be around 150,000 people[6]