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"You idiot,” the Intercessor screamed. “You fucking idiots."
―The Intercessor[1]

Yara of Nowhere





This aspect allows the Bard to disappear and reappear somewhere else instantaneously. She can use this to appear when she needs to talk to someone, or to escape an attack that would kill her. According to Kairos, she flees from three things: True love, her own death, and her heart's desire.


This aspect allows the Bard to see the stories of heroes and villains, allowing her to predict their actions. She also uses this ability to halt the stories of Below, allowing villains to freely take actions that would normally lead to their inevitable defeat.


This aspect allows the Bard to manipulate angels, and possibly other divine beings. She is seen using this ability to prevent Mercy from smiting a hero in a flashback, and she later uses it to allow Judgement to bring the Hierarch back to life. It's also suggested that she could use this ability on the ealamal, expanding its area of effect to wipe out most of Calernia.