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"I pondered that for a moment. I could name it something heroic or inspiring but that would have been something of lie of sorts, a denial of what I’d just done. Call a spade a spade.

"His name,” I announced, “is Zombie.
―Catherine Foundling[1]

Zombie is the name Catherine Foundling uses for her horses, both alive and undead. There have been seven Zombies.

Catherine can mentally command any of the undead Zombies.


The First[]

Zombie the First was a Bedlam Charger that had taken sick. He had a dark chestnut coat and was over five feet tall. He was killed and raised by the Black Knight in a lesson for Catherine.[1]

The Second[]

Zombie the Second was a warhorse. He was killed by the Summer Court.[2]

The Third[]

Zombie the Third was an undead fae winged horse from the Summer Court.[3] She had a vicious temperment due to her Winter necromancy origins.[4]

She had a taste for corpses.[5]

Her source of flight come from her magical nature, theorized to be a natural domain. This means she does not rely entirely on creational laws to fly, only to steer and adjust. This lends her flight grace and makes it pleasing to the eye.[6]

Zombie the Third died during the Hainaut Campaign by the Axeman[7]

The Fourth[]

Zombie the Fourth was an undead horse[8] Catherine saved from a drow cookpot.[9]

He was killed by Zombie the Third in a fit of jealousy during the Issere Campaign.[4]

The Fifth[]

Zombie the Fifth was a living Helikean horse.[10]

The Sixth[]

Zombie the Sixth was a pale brown Salamans zancada stallion gifted to Catherine by Princess Beatrice Volignac during the Hainaut Campaign.[11]

He was injured during the war against Praes by the collapse of Arcadia.[12]

The Seventh[]

Zombie the Seventh is a "row", a Creature with the body of a horse, but the wings, claws, and head of a crow. Catherine obtained her when the hippocrow bit the head off of her previous horse during the Battle of Kala.[13] Sve Noc, particularly Komena took a personal interest in the her raising.

Zombie the Seventh is eager and obedient, and a quick flier. She is slower on turns than Zombie the Third because of her reliance on creational laws rather than magical ones.[14]


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